Through our travels, Japanese breakfast has become one of our favorite parts of the cuisine. For lunch we are introducing Asa-Teishoku, a traditional meal offering cooked fish and vegetarian options, sashimi, and house-made specialties. We may call it “breakfast” but our Teishoku is sure to satisfy your craving for the perfect lunch- think bento with a twist!

Our ジラの朝定食 (Asa-Teishoku) comes with your choice of a main dish (Salmon Kama $18, Seared Albacore $19, Maguro Sashimi $26, Miso Glazed Tofu $15) which can vary depending on what is in season. Included are an assortment of side dishes: Zakkoku Mai (Mixed Grain Rice), Organic Aka Miso Soup with Seasonal Vegetables, Yasai Itame, Assortment of Seasonal Tsukemono, Onsen Tamago, Tamagoyaki (*contains shrimp), Sencha (Tea). You can add Natto + Ume for $2 and Fresh-grated Wasabi for $3.

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 11:00 am – 2:30 pm

Note: All of our menu items are gluten free except the Unagi




(Broiled Salmon)


(Assortment of Seasonal Tsukemono, Tamagoyaki (*contains shrimp))


(Yasai Itame)


(Onsen Tamago)


(Organic Aka Miso Soup with Seasonal Tsukemono)


(Zakkoku Mai – Mixed Grain Rice)