What is Teishoku?

In its most simple explanation Teishoku is a meal served as a set.

Teishoku restaurants in Japan offer a set meal like a bento but there are a few distinguishing factors.

  1. It is plated on small dishes and not served in a box.
  2. Teishoku can be a more comprehensive meal than bento although some bento are more complex than others.
  3. The set offered as Teishoku varies depending on the type- Asa-Teishoku or “morning set meal” will typically include cooked fish, poached egg, Japanese pickles, miso soup, and rice. There may be other items as well.
  4. Although in Japan Asa-Teishoku is eaten as breakfast, it is comprised of dishes that we would consider closer to brunch or lunch in the US.

No mayo? No creamcheese?

Zilla chooses to offer a more traditional style of sushi which is focused on the fish and other meaningful ingredients. We believe that “covering up” and competing with the pure flavors we showcase is a disservice to our customers’ palates. Although we recognize how sushi has evolved to meet the desires of the American palate, at Zilla we celebrate the purity at the heart of true Japanese sushi while making our flavors accessible to all.

Are there rules to eating sushi?
The most important thing to remember when eating sushi is that you should eat it the way you enjoy it. However, if you’re interested, here are a few recommendations to help you get the most out of your sushi experience.

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